Requesting Documents

1) Click on the leads tab and select the customer that you would like to request documents from

2) Go to Documents


3) Select +New Document Request


4) Choose a document template and select the borrowers and click continue


5) Amend the document template to suit your needs.

  • To add more documents to the request, click + More Documents

  • To delete the documents that you don't need, click the rubbish bin button next to the document name

Once you've finalised the document request template, click create draft.


6) Click on send. If you need to edit the request again before sending then click 'Edit Request' and follow the above steps.


7) A pop up will appear for you to insert a message for your customers to read. Hit Send Request once you are happy with the message.


8) You can preview all the documents that you've requested by clicking on View Request


Once a customer uploads their documents, you will have the ability to preview the document and then accept or reject the document.

This document template can be edited at any time by yourself.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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