Making sure you have all your lenders correctly registered is important so that clients and referral partners know who you can and can't help them with. We recorded a short video to guide you through the process:

1) Log onto the broker portal

2) Click on the broker picture located at the top right and select the drop down

3) Select Profile


4) Scroll down and find 'Lenders You Can Service' and select your lenders

We have provided a range of lenders for you to select, however, if you cannot find a lender that you can service on here, you can manually add your own.

To add a lender that we have already provided, click on the plus button with three lines and select from the drop down.


If you can't find a your lenders on here, you can always add white label lenders onto the portal.

To add another white label lender, click on the plus button on the right in the 'Lenders You Can Service' section.


Fill in the details and upload the logo of the lender.


Any questions do not hesitate to contact us at

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