Effi is please to offer a powerful first party interaction into ActiveCampaign!

If you would like to connect your existing ActiveCampaign account to the Effi CRM, please follow the below steps.

Please note that by doing so, your ActiveCampiagn account must come under our Effi “Corporate” integration account with ActiveCampign. This means you will no longer be billed by ActiveCampaign for your account, but by us directly if you decide to increase your contacts beyond your current free tier of 500 contacts.

  1. Send us your ActiveCampaign URL. i.e. companyname.activehosted.com by emailing to support@effi.com.au with your Subject: Migrate ActiveCampaign Account of {Your Business Name}

  2. We will notify ActiveCampaign that you wish to integrate your platform with ours. Please take note, that in order to achieve this, you need to confirm with ActiveCampaign that your account can be managed by Effi under a Corporate Account. Your approval will be required.

  3. We will send a follow-up email to ActiveCampaign to confirm the integration

  4. Other than that, we will handle the rest, we will hook up your account using the ActiveCampaign API to our account.

  5. Please give us approximately 3-4 days to complete the integration. Once done you will have a live data feed between our CRM, and your ActiveCampaign account. This will include access to "List Management" from the Effi portal. You can still use your ActiveCampaign account in the meantime.

Any questions do not hesitate to contact us at support@effi.com.au.

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