1) Log into the broker portal and go to Leads

2) Find the lead that you want to update and click on Manage Lead

3) On the right side of the Application page, there are three status icons that you can select (choose the status that is most applicable to the lead)

Mark Qualified - Applicant is proceeding, pending more information such as fact find, bank statements and documents.

Put on-Hold - Applicant is not proceeding right now but maybe at a later stage.

Lodged - Application has been logged to a financial institution for assessment, waiting for outcome.

Approved (Conditional) - Application has been approved but there are conditions that need to be met prior to being unconditionally approved.

Approved (Unconditional) - Application has been approved, there are no outstanding conditions to be met.

Close (Settled) - Application was successful and loan has settled.

Close (Unsuccessful) - Application was unsuccessful due to criteria not being met.

Alternatively, using the kanban view, you can drag and drop the deals into the next stage,

Any questions do not hesitate to contact us at support@effi.com.au.

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