Watch the video or read the steps below!

1) Click on the robot icon on the broker portal.

2) Create a new campaign.


3) Select a Campaign Template.
Enter a campaign name.
Enter a description (optional).

4) Click onto the campaign created.


5) Optional - Change the message according to your tone and click Save.
Do not change the words with the percentages as it pulls the data the contacts you upload.


6) Click on Contacts and select if you want to add from existing leads or upload contacts.

7) Uploading contacts:

  1. Click upload contacts.

  2. Download the Campaig_Contacts.csv

  3. Fill the excel with Mobile number, full name and email.

  4. Click Upload contacts .

8) Schedule for later, Test or Run Campaign.

Schedule for later - Test Campaign -Run Campaign -

NOTE: Effi lite does not include email automation and electronic bank statement collection.

If you have any questions or issues do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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