Effi allows you to send messages and emails to your customers from the broker portal. Messages are sent and received instantly, making it easy it interact through our chat.

1) Go to the Leads section:

2) Find the client that you want to send a message or email to and click on it:

(Alternatively, you can click on the three icons on located on the right)

3) Click on Messaging:

4) Click on the type of message you would like to send:

Messages - SMS to your client

Email - Email to your client

5) Type your message, then click send.

Please sync your email address account before you send any correspondence to your customers. If you do not sync your account, the email will come from support@effi.com.au which will not be ideal for your customers to respond to.

If you need help on syncing your email, you can follow these steps here: how to sync my email on the broker portal.

If you have any questions or issues do not hesitate to reach out to us at support@effi.com.au

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