You can now refer clients looking for business finance to eBroker and earn commission on the settlement. eBroker is Effi’s newest partner and Australia’s leading small business loan marketplace.

eBroker helps your clients compare business loans from 80+ lenders easily and ensures they get the best deal for their circumstances.

The added-bonus is you have complete ownership of the client. There are no hidden fees and the service is completely free. eBroker simply pays you a referral fee if the client ends up getting their business finance from a matched lender on eBroker.

How it Works:

Step 1: Log into your broker portal. Go to eBroker on the sidebar menu

Step 2: To receive commission, make sure you add/update your bank details.

Step 3: Click Get Started

Step 4: Choose ‘Send a new lead’.

Step 5: Fill out the lead details and submit the form. Let eBroker handle the rest.

One of the awesome team members from eBroker will contact your client, match them with the right non-bank lenders based on the information they provide, and assist them throughout their entire loan journey.

You will have complete visibility of the notes/calls on the Effi portal for your tracking.

Once the loan is settled, you will receive up to 63% of the total commission provided by the lender within 7 days of the loan settlement (Please note that the commission rate from each lender is different)

If you have any question or need further assistance, send us an email at and we'll do our best to help.

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